Don’t you wish that all companies guaranteed their work?  At ALL-AMERICAN HOME INSPECTIONS we believe that guaranteeing your work speaks volumes about the company and their confidence in doing a good job.  At AAHI we know how important it is for you, the home buyer or seller, to have peace of mind and confidence in the company you choose to inspect your home.  That’s why at AAHI we offer a 30-day limited guarantee to provide you that comfort you deserve.

We understand it’s hard to select a home inspection firm.  Let us take the risk out of the process and make life one decision easier.

[ Limited 30-day Guarantee and Disclaimer ]

ALL-AMERICAN HOME INSPECTIONS guarantees in writing that within the limits of the stated coverage, the inspection report will be accurate (applies to most single family dwellings) for a period of 30 days.  The primary purpose of this inspection is to disclose major defects of the building.  It does not cover every feature and cannot be expected to reveal all possible defects.  The report does not reveal minor or hidden cracks in a furnace heat exchange, items in inaccessible or blocked areas or all of the small defects.  Items marked as “appears serviceable” are guaranteed to be accurate for 30 days after the inspection date unless additional boxes are checked or specific notes are entered in comment section of item.  Repair, removal, or replacement of an allegedly defective component prior to notice to, and re-inspection by, ALL -AMERICAN HOME INSPECTIONS or its agents absolves them of all responsibility for that item.  Arrangements to have utilities on at time of the inspection is the responsibility of the client.  ALL-AMERICAN HOME INSPECTIONS charges for return trips, regardless of the reason!  The inspector never discusses purchase price or relative value of the building.  The report is copyrighted property of ALL-AMERICAN HOME INSPECTIONS and is for the exclusive use of the original client and is not authorized for third party use, utilization or dissemination (this means that the report may not be resold, or redistributed, by an agent).  Payment is due at time of inspection. There are no warranties attached to or included in this report, expressed or implied.